Tuesday, July 18, 2017

XMG ACCESSORIES - Custom Template find

I found a British company, Cog' O' Two, that makes some really nice looking XMG compatible templates. Their prices are reasonable, so I plan on ordering a set of movement templates and range rulers from them next payday. I really like the look of their Black Sun Syndicate ones -

They also make acrylic scum maneuver dials, so I will probably order some of those too-

Thursday, June 22, 2017

CRACK THE PACK: Protectorate Starfighter

Here's a quick look at the contents of the Protectorate Starfighter expansion.

First off, the starfighter mini itself and the ship's base and flight pegs -

next you get two sheets of perforated status tokens, the starfighter's maneuver dial, and ship ID tokens -

then there are six pilot cards, three unique pilots and 3 non-unique ones -

there are also two reference cards, one for the Boost Action and one for the Tallon Roll -

then there is a Title card and an Elite Pilot Talent upgrade card -

and lastly, the sheet with the starfighter's diagram of maneuvers -

Once I get a chance to use the starfighter in combat, I will post a review for it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SCUM ACQUISITIONS: Protectorate Starfighter and Scum Maneuver Dial Upgrade kit

To start off my new collection of Scum & Villainy ships, I ordered a Protectorate Starfighter from CoolStuff Inc. last week, and it arrived earlier this afternoon.

I also ordered a pack of Scum Maneuver Dial Upgrades -

I look forward to using the Protectorate Starfighter, as I hear it plays similar to an Imperial TIE Interceptor, which is my favorite Imperial starfighter - we'll see.

Now this is my kind of Scum...


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